Yodel Dealing with Cyber Incident

Details are currently very limited, but it is clear that the delivery service Yodel is dealing with a serious cyber incident. It appears that disruption began some time over the weekend, with delays to deliveries and loss of parcel tracking for customers. Commentators believe that this is a ransomware attack, but this has not been confirmed by the company.

Yodel have communicated well about what they are doing but have, understandably, said little about the exact nature of the incident. They have asserted that there is no compromise of customer payment information because they do not hold such data; but they have warned customers to beware of fraudsters exploiting the disruption to carry out new scams.

As of yesterday afternoon, Yodel reported the following progress:

“Tracking services for clients and customers are once again ‘live’ and this will support the recovery of our regular operations and allow the business to begin to urgently tackle any delayed deliveries. We continue to monitor the tracking systems and expect to see further improvements as we return to normal,”

If it was indeed ransomware, this is a remarkably swift recovery: many victims have been without systems for weeks or months. We await further updates with interest.

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