Little has Changed in Latest UK Government Cyber Breaches Survey

The overriding message from this year’s Cyber Breaches Survey is that little has changed. The headline figure of organisations experiencing a cyber breach or attack remains exactly the same as last year at 39%. As normal, phishing attacks remain the most prevalent for of attack (83%). Digging down into a bit more detail there is […]

Manchester Airport Disruption – Have Lessons been Learned from Previous Incidents?

There has been extensive media coverage of chaotic scenes at Manchester Airport over recent days. Manchester Airport is certainly not unique within the aviation sector in encountering difficulties as the volume of passengers returns to normal (Easyjet and British Airways are also in the headlines), and I am not qualified to comment on what they […]

Reflecting on the Covid Lockdown 23 March 2020

March is turning into a big month for anniversaries. We have already blogged about that Salisbury nerve agent poisonings and the Fukushima nuclear disaster and, if we had had time, we could also have recalled the Herald of Free Enterprise (6th March 1987). However, today is the big one, the anniversary of the UK’s first […]

Remembering the Fukushima Disaster 11 Years On

On 11th March 2011, a tsunami off the coast of Japan triggered one of the worst nuclear accidents in history. At the time we wrote the following piece on our blog: “It is reported that the current perilous situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant is the result of the failure of backup generators to supply […]

Remembering the Salisbury Nerve Agent Poisonings Four Years On

As we watch in horror at the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, it is perhaps timely to recall Russian aggression here in the UK four years ago. On 4th March 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal became very seriously ill after being poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok. One of the Police officers who attended the incident […]

Why the Sudden Spike in Salmonella Contamination?

February saw a remarkably high number of food product recalls in the UK: according to the Food Standards Agency’s website, there were 11 recalls. To put this in context, we have seen around 60 recalls per year for the last few years, so you would only expect to see this number in a month once […]

Weekend of Disruption for BA Passengers

BA passengers endured a weekend of disruption following an IT outage at the airline on Friday evening. BA’s website and app were inaccessible for hours on Friday evening, preventing customers from checking in online or booking flights. Saturday then saw the worst of the disruption, with all short-haul flights to and from Heathrow cancelled. There […]

What Lessons can we learn from the Conti Ransomware Attack on the Irish HSE?

To their great credit, the Irish Health Service Executive (HSE) has published the full post-incident report into last year’s Conti ransomware attack. Prepared for them by PwC, the report is a fascinating read and allows us all to learn from the HSE’s unfortunate experience. The initial infection took place on 18th March 2021, when a […]

Are We Facing Another CO2 Crisis?

As energy prices rose sharply last September, CF Industries suspended fertiliser production in the UK as it was no longer economically viable. However, their manufacturing process also generates 60% of the CO2 used in the UK, primarily supplying the food and drink industry, so the shut-down triggered CO2 shortages across the country. (See previous blog […]