We are delighted to offer an exciting range of e-Learning courses. The courses use a blend of short videos and quizzes. Some courses also have downloads.

The full list of courses can be found on this page.  New courses are being added regularly, and you can request updates when new courses become available.

Accessing e-Learning

Simply click on one of the courses to register and pay, or log on if you already have an account. 

We do require you to have an account as this helps us to manage your progress through your training and, of course, to have an accurate certificate when you have successfully completed the course.

Corporate e-Learning Courses

All our courses can be purchased for use by your own organisation. We offer a number of options for this:

  • You can use the course as hosted on our website – simply contact us, and we can upload the details for all your staff, and we will also provide regular updates on completion statistics for your staff for your records.
  • We can tailor the course to your organisation, by using your corporate colours and logo, and setting questions based on your plans and procedures. We can even embed your documents in the course. The course will be completed on our website. We will additionally provide regular updates on completion by your staff for your records.
  • We can provide the course on a licensed basis as a SCORM 1.2, 2004 or Tin Can/xAPI package for use on your own LMS systems, tailoring the course to your organisation, policies and procedures. This will give you the ability to make the training available over a greater period of time which is particularly useful if you have a high turnover of staff. It also means that your staff will be able to complete the training in a familiar environment.

All Courses


Business Continuity Awareness Training

This basic ‘Introduction to Business Continuity Management’ course is designed to introduce all staff to the concept of Business Continuity.


CM02 Crisis Communications Training

The course gives an overview for managing communications during a crisis; it is not a detailed course for potential media spokespersons. Ideally, you will have completed the Introduction to Crisis Management.


DP01 Introduction to Data Protection elearning

This course is a general introduction to data protection, and is ideal for awareness training for all members of staff. The course considers the implications of failure to comply with data protection requirements.


GDPR Online Training & ELearning

The course gives a useful background for anyone that is planning to use personal data as well as for those who already have such data, and need confirmation that they are handling the data in a way that is compliant with the legislation.


Information Security Awareness Elearning

This ‘Introduction to Information Security’ eLearning course is a basic introduction that explains the fundamental principles of Information Security.


Introduction to Crisis Management Course

This course is useful for anyone who is a member of a Crisis or Incident Management Team, and for those who are preparing crisis management procedures within an organisation.


Loggist Training

This course has been developed to help Loggists have a better understanding of the role, and to enable them to be better equipped to maintain an effective log during an incident.


Travel Safety elearning

This short Travel Safety course provides a guide for both the traveller and those organising overseas assignments as to how best to minimise risks abroad by being adequately prepared before travel commences. The course has been prepared by Cambridge Risk Solutions and Objective Travel Safety Training.

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