Extremely Sensitive Data Breaches

We are now becoming so used to data breaches that only the most spectacular example receive much attention.  Usually they are spectacular because of the sheer volume of data, such as the Yahoo! breach of 2013; but on this occasion the newsworthy feature of the attacks is the sensitivity of the data that was compromised.

In what many are hailing as the sequel to the “Panama Papers” incident, which led to the resignation of the Icelandic Prime Minister, it was announced last week that an offshore law firm based in Bermuda suffered a “data security incident last year which involved some of our data being compromised.”  Few details are available at this stage, but it is reported that some of Britain’s wealthiest people may be involved; and there is already speculation that there may be some embarassing revelations about people’s tax affairs.

Most people would consider their financial affairs to be pretty sensitive but, even worse, it was also revealed last week that a major cosmetic surgery clinic in London had also suffered a data breach.  Hackers who targeted London Bridge Plastic Surgery claim to have “terabytes” of data, including  photos showing various body parts of clients; and that they are planning to publish names and photos on-line.  It has been widely reported that the clinic has many high-profile clients, including Katie Price.

The coincidence of these two data breaches being announced in the same week provides a powerful reminder of the extra care that needs to be taken with such sensitive data.  Follow the link to the Information Security section of our website to find out how we can help.

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