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Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment remains an important part of any Business Continuity programme but confusion persists about how to conduct a risk assessment and how it fits into the overall Business Continuity Lifecycle.  This article offers some practical guidance.

Hot on the heels of the massive ransomware attack on 12 May 2017, reports are emerging of ransomware attack on Disney.  Unlike the Wannacry attack, which has impacted over 200,000 computers in 150 countries, the Disney attack has been deliberately targeted, with hackers threatening to release segments of the new Pirates of the Caribbean film [...]

Delighted that I can now announce the successful ISO22301 certification for Millbrook Proving Ground.  Millbrook had their Stage 2 assessment in December, and passed with flying colours, and no non-conformities.  We have worked closely with Millbrook, implementing a new Management System that will enable a full integration with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as both [...]

The fire at a recycling plant in Smethwick in the West Midlands is clearly a major incident.  The disruption to local businesses is yet another stark reminder of the need to be prepared for denial of access to your premises.  I was slightly taken aback though at the surprise expressed by spokespeople from the Fire [...]

Yesterday, BBC Look East featured an item about a local triathelete, Melanie Ryding, who recently had a serious cycling accident whilst training.  Melanie spoke about how wearing a crash helmet had prevented her from suffering serious, even fatal, head injuries and urged all cyclists to learn from her experience and wear protection.  On the face [...]

Earthquake in Cumbria

Last night, shortly before midnight, Coniston in the Lake District was at the centre of an earthquake measuring 3.6 on the Richter scale.  Fortunately there are no reports of injuries.  Whilst earthquakes are not a major problem in the UK they do have an interesting, if somewhat indirect, relevance to Risk Management.  The severity of earthquakes follows [...]

Planes & Trains & Concrete Mixers

What does a week where a concrete mixer lands on a train and Qantas has engine problems on two planes teach us about Business Continuity? The investigation into the Selby Rail Crash in February 2001, confidently asserted that we should only expect such an accident - where a road vehicle strayed onto the tracks as a passenger train and a freight train were approaching [...]

Risk Analysis in the News

Risk Analysis hit the headlines this week with the publication of the UK Government's National Security Risk Assessment.  The document lists the 15 most significant threats to the UK, broken down into 3 tiers according to priority. Unsurprisingly, media attention focused on the 'Tier 1' threats and, in particular, the presence of international terrorism and cybercrime next to [...]