Success with ISO 22301 with Cambridge Risk Solutions

We are delighted to announce that Millbrook Proving Ground had their Stage 2 assessment for ISO22301 certification in December, and passed with flying colours, and no non-conformities.  We have worked closely with Millbrook, implementing a new Management System that will enable a full integration with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as both of these Management Systems are brought into line with the updated standards, as well as enabling any expansion to scope without significant changes to the Management System.

ISO22301 certification has been a key demand of major clients of Millbrook Proving Ground, and  provides external and objective validation of the Business Continuity Management System, demonstrating that there is effective Business Continuity in place, as well as a Management System, ensuring that plans and procedures are maintained and continually improved.

Working with Millbrook, we have developed a user-friendly Business Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment to help to understand the business resource requirements in the event of an incident, and have worked with Purchasing to assist them in better understanding the resilience of the supply chain.  We have developed a simple and pragmatic Business Continuity and Incident Management plan, supported by aides memoire, to help the business respond to any incident.  As well as the development of a comprehensive Management System, we have also assisted with development of training and awareness materials that have been used across the business.  We have also delivered incident management training and a desk-top exercise, and have worked with Millbrook to develop a programme of training and exercising that will cover all aspects of the business continuity plans.

Contact Cambridge Risk Solutions to find how we can help you with certification to ISO 22301,  Call us on 0800 035 1231.

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