Remembering the Fukushima Disaster 11 Years On

On 11th March 2011, a tsunami off the coast of Japan triggered one of the worst nuclear accidents in history. At the time we wrote the following piece on our blog: “It is reported that the current perilous situation at the Fukushima nuclear plant is the result of the failure of backup generators to supply […]

Remembering the Salisbury Nerve Agent Poisonings Four Years On

As we watch in horror at the deteriorating situation in Ukraine, it is perhaps timely to recall Russian aggression here in the UK four years ago. On 4th March 2018 Sergei and Yulia Skripal became very seriously ill after being poisoned with the nerve agent Novichok. One of the Police officers who attended the incident […]

Remembering the Kegworth Air Crash

Last Saturday marked the anniversary of the Kegworth Air Crash. On 8th January 1989 a British Midland Boeing 737 developed an engine fault shortly after taking off from East Midlands Airport bound for Belfast. The pilots mistakenly shut down the wrong engine and the plane crashed onto the M1 just outside the airport perimeter. Of […]

What Have We Learnt from the Manchester Arena Inquiry Volume 1?

The Manchester Arena Inquiry Volume 1: Security for the Arena was published last week.  It is now over four years since the attack, and the proceedings of the Inquiry have been widely reported as they happened; but this volume brings together all the evidence about security prior to 22nd May 2017 and, crucially, provides a […]

Remembering the 1996 Manchester Bombing – Day 5

In this final blog post looking back at the 1996 Manchester bombing, we discuss the recovery of the hundreds of small businesses caught up in the devastation.  Those affected by the attack included: 100 shops in the Royal Exchange; 150 shops in the Corn Exchange; 40 small offices; 15 pubs/cafes; and 1 clairvoyant.   The […]

Remembering the 1996 Manchester Bombing – Day 4

The Arndale Centre was the largest covered shopping centre in Europe when it opened in 1979.  By 1996 it had 130 000 square metres of retail space with over 230 individual stores laid out on two levels.  The centre was owned and managed at the time of the bombing by P&O Properties.  Its tenants included […]

Remembering the 1996 Manchester Bombing – Day 3

As we recalled yesterday, the Manchester City Centre bombing was the largest explosion on the UK mainland since WWII.  Reports of possible secondary devices continued for some time after the explosion and Police initially established a cordon at the Inner Ring Road; by Saturday evening the cordoned area had been reduced to an area of […]

Remembering the 1996 Manchester Bombing – Day 2

On the morning of 15th June 1996 many people in Manchester were enjoying the fine weather and England’s progress in Euro 96.  The City Centre was busy with people last-minute shopping for Father’s Day, but that was about to change… At 11.17am a bomb containing 1500kg of home-made explosive detonated in a van parked outside […]

Remembering the 1996 Manchester Bombing – Day 1

Today marks the anniversary of the Grenfell Tower Fires, and we join with the nation in remembering the victims and survivors of that tragedy.  However, this week also marks the 25th anniversary of the Provisional IRA bomb attack on Manchester City Centre in 1996.  Miraculously nobody was killed in that attack but: Over 200 people […]

Managing Risk in Extreme Environments, by Duncan Martin – Not a Book Review

“Managing Risk in Extreme Environments: Front-Line Business Lessons for Corporates and Financial Institutions” has been on the bookshelves in our office since it was published in 2008 but, for some reason, I have only just got around to looking through it.  Given that The book is 12 years old, and I have not read it […]