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“Managing Risk in Extreme Environments: Front-Line Business Lessons for Corporates and Financial Institutions” has been on the bookshelves in our office since it was published in 2008 but, for some reason, I have only just got around to looking through it.  Given that The book is 12 years old, and I have not read it [...]

At approximately 7pm on Friday 9th February 1996, a truck-bomb exploded close to South Quay DLR station, killing two people and injuring over 100 others.  At the commemoration yesterday to mark the 25th anniversary, survivors commented on how they feel forgotten.  Certainly the incident seems to have faded in the public consciousness faster than the [...]

Tributes have been paid in Glasgow and across the world to the 66 people who died in a crush on Stairway 13 at Ibrox Park fifty years ago today.  A casual reading of the incident might conclude that it was simply a tragic combination of circumstances – Rangers fans elated by a last-minute equaliser against [...]

Fifteen years ago today, at 6am on Sunday 11th December 2005, the largest ever explosion and fire in peacetime Western Europe took place at the Buncefield Oil Storage Depot in Hemel Hempstead.  Miraculously there were no fatalities, and only 60 casualties; but in every other sense the impact of the incident was huge.  Summarising some [...]

On 6th November 2004 the 17:35 Paddington to Penzance train was derailed when it struck a parked car on a level crossing at Ufton Nervet, near Reading.  Tragically the car driver, train driver and four passengers died at the scene; whilst another passenger died a few hours later in hospital.  Fortunately though, this was the [...]