ISO22301 success

We are delighted to announce the successful ISO22301 certification for Care Monitoring 2000, also known as CM2000.  Having previously certified to BS25999, CM2000 had their transition audit on 10 April, and passed with flying colours, and no non-conformities.

We have worked closely with CM2000 towards this transition, implementing a new Management System that will enable a full integration with ISO27001 and the awaited re-designed ISO9001, whilst assisting with the support and training for the newly appointed Quality Manager, who now takes on responsibility for maintaining the Management System.

ISO22301 provides external and objective validation of the CM2000 Business Continuity Management System, demonstrating that they have effective Business Continuity in place, and also have the Management System to be sure that their plans and procedures are maintained and continually improved;  CM2000 plans provide for continuity of service to organisations that are caring for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.