Why the Sudden Spike in Salmonella Contamination?

February saw a remarkably high number of food product recalls in the UK: according to the Food Standards Agency’s website, there were 11 recalls. To put this in context, we have seen around 60 recalls per year for the last few years, so you would only expect to see this number in a month once […]

What has Caused the Steep Rise in Electrical Product Recalls?

As usual at this time of year, we look at product recall trends in the UK over the last year. 12 months ago we commented on the gradual upward trend in food product recalls; this year the most obvious pattern is the steep rise in recalls of electrical goods.   In fact it turns out that […]

What is Driving the Increase in Electronic Product Recalls?

There has been a lot of activity on the Electrical Safety First website this year.  Even discounting the unprecedented 25 product recalls announced in January, UK recalls have been running at an average of five per month over the last four months.  This compares to a total of 36 recalls for the whole of 2020, […]

How Damaging is the Peloton Recall?

There has been widespread media coverage over the last 24 hours of Peloton’s decision to recall Tread and Tread+ treadmills in response to a request from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  The company’s share price fell 14% on the news, but is this just a fleeting overreaction?  At this early stage in the […]

Why Are Automotive Recalls Rising Across Europe?

We blogged back in June 2018 about an apparent steep rise in European automotive recalls over recent years.  Bringing the story up to date with the latest data from Sedgwick, we see another significant increase in 2019 followed by only a very modest reduction in 2020 (given the slowdown caused by the pandemic). Even including […]

Are Food Product Recalls on the Rise?

As usual, at this time of the year, we like to review the data on product recalls in the UK.  Annual data for recalls of food products (from the FSA website) and electrical products (from the Electrical Safety First website) are shown below. Despite my comment a year ago that “the figures are pretty low […]

Diageo Recalls Guinness Draught 0.0% Because of Possible Presence of Mould

There hasn’t been a high-profile food product recall in the UK since the fatal listeria contamination at Good Food Chain/North Country Cooked Meats over a year ago.  Overall it has been a pretty quiet time for the sector, but food recalls hit the headlines again yesterday when Diageo announced a recall of its new alcohol-free […]

Coronavirus, Floods and now Product Recalls!

Understandably, media attention in the UK is focused on the growing threat of Coronavirus and the two recent severe weather events. However, as well as these ongoing high-profile stories; there has also been a recent spate of food product recalls. We have been tracking the number of food product recalls on the FSA website for […]

More Product Recall Problems for Whirlpool

We have blogged repeatedly (most recently in June 2019) about the problems that Whirlpool has experienced with their long-running recall of tumble dryers.  Now, unbelievably, they have announced a recall of half a million washing machines and within the first 24 hours there have been “technical problems” with the recall website.  Unsurprisingly this has driven […]

A Big Fortnight for Product Recalls

The last two weeks have seen two very important product recalls (back) in the news… We last blogged about the Whirlpool tumble dryer recall back in June 2016.  At that stage the recall had already been going on for more than 6 months, and the company was receiving much criticism for the length of time […]