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How Effective is Home Working?

Sadly, there has been no shortage of stories of businesses struggling with Covid-19 in the last year.  However, I was intrigued by the story this week about Frontier Development experiencing delays in the release of their much-anticipated Elite Dangerous Odyssey.  One would have imagined that developing video games would be one of the industries that [...]

If you are new to business continuity management, this 5-minute checklist gives you some ideas about where the weaknesses are in your organisation.

ISO 22301 has undergone its first revision , and it is therefore time to assess what this means both for organisations that already hold the certificate and for those who are seeking to gain certification. This article looks into the detail of the changes; with each clause being examined separately so that the reader can [...]

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment remains an important part of any BCM programme but confusion persists about how to conduct a risk assessment. This article offers some practical guidance.

It often feels like the news is filled with stories of more and more devastating natural disasters around the world.  Even here in the UK, the perception is of an increasing incidence of extreme weather events; but, interestingly, data would suggest that this is not the case. I recently came across the excellent EM-DAT Emergency Events [...]

Implementing BCM presents particular challenges small and medium-sized enterprises.  Based on personal experience, this article highlights some of the primary steps for introducing a basic BCM programme.

Implementing BCM effectively in a manufacturing environment presents some specific challenges.  This article summarises some key lessons learned from our numerous business continuity projects with manufacturing companies.

Getting Your House in Order

The Business Impact Analysis is a vital part of the Business Continuity Lifecycle but is still poorly understood.  This article provides a simple, practical explanation of the process.

One of the key difficulties in business continuity management is working out which threats to pay attention to. This article discusses why some people get this wrong and suggests an elegant solution to the problem.

There is widespread coverage of a large fire that has broken out at a research building attached to The Christie.  The fire started at around 10.35, being brought under control shortly before 1500hrs, although still not extinguished. The nature of this incident would test even the most developed and well-rehearsed business continuity plan, from both [...]