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There was an interesting postscript today to the story of the data breach at TalkTalk last October.  You will recall that the at first it was feared that personal details of all 4 million of the company's customers could have been compromised, although the breach ultimately turned out to be much less serious.  The company [...]

Over the last two days we have blogged about two of the most prevalent forms of business disruption: IT outages and product recalls.  Today we turn our attention to another very common, and growing, form of disruption: data breaches. It was announced last week that Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has been fined [...]

George Osborne has warned today of the threat of deadly cyber attacks. This follows a spate of information security breaches, most famously that of Talk Talk. It is, perhaps, unlikely that any system will ever be 100% secure, particularly where there are requirements for the general public to be able to enter data through a [...]

The Rising Cost of Data Breaches

The cost of data breaches is rising: the Information Commissioner's Office issued £1.8 million in fines during the 12 months to June this year, compared to just £431,000 in 2010-11.  Since then the big fines have continued, including: £250 000  to Scottish Borders Council, whose former employees' records were found in a recycling bin; £175 000 to [...]

The Information Commissioner published a report last week into an incident that occurred in March this year, when a CD containing personal data on 1.6 million people was lost during an office move at Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust (PCT).  Clearly people will be concerned that data losses such as this are still occurring [...]