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It has been reported this week that thousands of Calor Gas customers have experienced delays in receiving their gas supplies; in extreme cases this has led to customers running out of gas for heating, cooking and hot water (although the number of these is not known).  Calor first announced the problem four weeks ago, blaming [...]

I have really enjoyed this new book from Anthony Fitzsimmons and Derek Atkins, and would thoroughly recommend it to all those with an interest in risk management. The title is actually somewhat misleading, suggesting a narrow focus on reputation management; whereas the book actually takes a very broad look at a wide variety of behavioural [...]

Several organisations are currently undergoing the transition from BS25999 to ISO22301.  Based on personal experience auditing organisations to BS25999 and assisting businesses with their transition to ISO22301, this article offers some guidance for the certification change.

ISO 22301

This article compares ISO22301 with BS25999 and suggests areas where additional work will be required if organisations wish to certify to the new standard.

The Cost of Disruptions

How much could an operational disruption cost your organisation?  This article summarises the findings of various research studies on this topic.

Crisis Communications

A number of recent incidents have highlighted the importance of good crisis communications.  This article provides some basic guidance on how to prepare.

Effective Crisis Management requires a significant amount of preparation. This article suggests some reasons why organisations tend not to do this.

Some thoughts on how to plan and run Crisis Management exercises in order to maximise the training value.

The membership of your Crisis Management Team is crucial: this article gives some hints on getting the composition right.

Expenditure on Crisis Management training is one of the major items in most Business Continuity Planning budgets: this article offers some guidance for ensuring that you get value for money from your investment.