Telecoms Firm Fined £900k for 999 Call Failures

The Hull-based telecoms firm, KCOM, has been fined £900k by Ofcom over a failure of their 999 call service back in December 2015.  The 4-hour outage resulted in 74 emergency calls failing, so the fine equates to over £10 000 per call (or £225k per hour)!  Although Ofcom accepted that the root cause of the […]

Telephone Problems at Peterborough City Hospital

Only weeks after opening, the new £300m Peterborough City Hospital is back in the news because of ongoing problems with the telephone system.  It appears that for over a week now, a significant number of calls to the main switchboard have been left unanswered, or even lost completely, resulting in much frustration for patients and their families. Whilst such extended […]

Disruption at Cambridge Risk Headquarters

We seem to have been on the receiving end of rather a lot of disruption in the last few weeks: in September we lost phone service for 72 hours and then last week we had problems with both power and internet service.  It has certainly been a good opportunity to test our Business Continuity plans! Perhaps the most interesting disruption […]

Flood at BT Exchange

A BT exchange in Paddington flooded early on the morning of 31st March. There was extensive disruption to phone and broadband services in the immediate vicinity, including phone lines to the Royal Free Hospital; as well as a knock-on effect on other exchanges. The floodwater was cleared by the morning of 1st April enabling BT […]

Digger Cuts Communications

A third party contractor working on the Olympics Village dug through fibre optic and copper cables over the weekend, taking out broad-band and PSTN for the East End of London and beyond…..causing problems that are still on-going. The BT cables were severed on Saturday (4th April 2009) and even by 8th April were still causing […]