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Takata's latest estimate that the airbags fitted in 34 million cars are defective will lead to the largest ever recall of cars in the US.  The recall affects 11 car makers including Honda, Toyota, Daihatsu and Nissan.  This is the latest twist in a saga that has been going on since at least 2008; indeed [...]

Product Recalls Fall in 2014

Product recalls are a complex and costly type of incident for firms to manage, and recent high-profile cases such as Toyota have created the perception that they are a growing problem.  So it is good to report that, at least in two specific industry sectors, there appears to have been a significant fall in recalls [...]

Total Recall

We have previously reported the difficulties of managing recalls, but the current Fonterra difficulties highlight some of the issues involved.   Fonterra have just announced a New Zealand recall of 300 millilitre and 500ml bottles of Anchor and Pams fresh cream due to E-Coli contamination. The timing for Fonterra is particularly unfortunate; just last week [...]

Boots drug recall

Boots have announced a recall of own brand cough and cold remedies over fears that plastic may have contaminated the product.  The recalls include a strawberry flavoured suspension of oral ibuprofen for infants older than three months. Historically, businesses have survived such product recalls, the Tylenol case being the classic example, but it will be [...]

Our blog has contained many stories about product recalls in the automotive industry over the last couple of years, mostly involving Japanese manufacturers.  In the majority of these stories, the manufacturers concerned have been very proactive in recalling large numbers of cars for relatively minor problems before any serious accidents occur.  The unfolding saga of [...]

One of the hot topics in this year's Business Continuity Awareness Week is supply chain continuity and, given the ongoing  problems with contamination of processed meat products, product recalls have been very much centre stage.  However, whilst the food industry is under the spotlight, an ITV investigation last week highlighted an equally worrying situation in [...]

Food Recalls Down in 2012

Product problems in the motor industry kept hitting the headlines throughout 2012; with major recalls for Toyota, Honda and Mitsubishi.  However, in the UK food sector, there appears to be some good news.  According to the Food Standards Agency website, there were only 33 recalls/withdrawals in 2012; down from 42 the previous year.  It's unwise [...]

Following recent product recalls at Toyota and Honda, Mitsubishi is the latest Japanese car maker to announce a major recall.  Shares in Mitsubishi fell 5.5% as they announced plans to recall 1.2 million cars in order to fix a faulty oil seal.  This is part of a serious and long-running problem, as the  company has [...]

Yet Another Toyota Recall!

Only weeks after a recall of 7 million cars worldwide, Toyota has announced a recall of another 2.7 million cars due to a separate problem with the steering system.  Once again, Toyota have stressed that " accidents due to this fault had been reported so far."

The last week has seen announcements of major product recalls by both Honda and Toyota.  In the case of Honda, there have been a small number of cases of the window switch in the driver's door of their CR-V model overheating with the potential to catch fire.  This is clearly a safety issue and it [...]