Are you prepared for industrial action?

The South African miner’s strike has come to an end, concluding the country’s longest ever industrial strike. The miner’s union went on strike in January and through 5 months of marches, protests and talks finally secured a wage increase. Halting work at the platinum mines caused the South African economy to contract by 0.6% and […]

Business Continuity or Business As Usual?

Flooding and Tube strikes would seem to have little in common, yet in terms of Business Continuity and a business response, they could be viewed in much the same way! Take flooding.  This is nothing new, and happens most years somewhere in the United Kingdom.  Admittedly, this year has seen the highest rain since records […]

Tanker Drivers' Strike

The possibility of a strike by tanker drivers has dominated the news in the UK this week, bringing back uncomfortable memories of the fuel strike in 2000 – arguably the closest the country has come to a standstill since the strikes of the early 1970s.  What lessons can we learn from the story so far? […]

Channel Blockade Again

French fisherman have formed blockades at Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne. The blockades started yesterday, 14 April 2009, and are still on-going, with one ferry carrying almost 400 passengers being turned back from Calais. Operation Stack has been implemented on the M20, with hundreds of lorries being held in a queue. So What What Does This […]