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Radware’s annual reports provide a very detailed analysis of the current state of the cyber security threat.  Whilst the latest report, released earlier this month, confirms that cyber attacks are occurring with relentless frequency and continue to evolve and grow in sophistication; it also shows some subtle shifts in the targeting of these attacks.  For [...]

Janet, the network responsible for running the and domains, was the subject of a sustained distributed denial of service attack, over the period 7/8th December.  The most obvious effect of this was that the websites of many UK universities, and a number of local councils, were unavailable or slowed down significantly.  It also [...]

WikiLeaks Battle Continues

It appears that supporters of WikiLeaks are fighting back against companies that have withdrawn their support from the embattled website (see previous post) with a series of coordinated denial-of-service attacks.  Visa and Mastercard appear to have been the main targets and some reports have suggested that the attacks have been successful in temporarily disrupting some Mastercard services. This latest round in [...]

Amidst the daily reporting of the latest revelations on the WikiLeaks website, there is a parallel story about the organisation’s own fight for survival.  The simultaneous pressure of Denial-Of-Service attacks and withdrawal of support by key suppliers has put WikiLeaks under enormous pressure.  Whilst few of us are likely to face this precise combination of events, the unique experience of [...]