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Business Continuity Planning for a Micro-Business

The Client

The client is a small consultancy, based in central London; they approached Cambridge Risk Solutions because they had been asked by a major client to develop a formal business continuity plan.

The Solution

One of our consultants completed the business impact analysis and risk assessment in a single day.

Combining the outputs from these analyses led to a business continuity strategy based around a combination of enabling staff to work effectively from home and agreeing a mutual support arrangement with a sister company to provide workspace for a small number of staff in the event of a disruption.

Writing a plan for a micro business

Our consultant then spent another day constructing a simple business continuity plan to implement this strategy including:

  • Establishing an Incident Management Team;
  • Documenting the existing IT DR arrangements;
  • Improving remote access to corporate IT systems; and
  • Setting up phone redirection to the alternative site.

Whilst this initial BCM plan is fairly basic, it provides a sound basis, consistent with the principles of ISO 22313, on which to develop more sophisticated plans as the company grows.

How Can Cambridge Risk Solutions Help?

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