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The enormous international recall of Mars products, which began when a boy found a piece of plastic in a Snickers bar in Germany back in January, spread to the UK yesterday.  The problem in Germany was traced to the Mars factory in the Dutch town of Veghel and, as a precautionary measure, the company has [...]

Risk Management in the News

I was delighted to hear a lengthy discussion on this morning’s Radio 4 “Today” programme about risk management in the context of capital requirements for British banks.  Sir John Vickers, who headed up the Independent Commission on Banking has queried whether proposals that the Bank of England has put forward are strong enough. Whilst I [...]

HSBC On-Line Banking Down Again

For the second time this month, HSBC’s on-line banking service for personal customers is unavailable.  However, in contrast to the outage earlier this month, the bank has explicitly stated that this disruption is the result of a denial of service attack.  It is not clear at this stage how long the services will be unavailable [...]

Delighted that I can now announce the successful ISO22301 certification for Millbrook Proving Ground.  Millbrook had their Stage 2 assessment in December, and passed with flying colours, and no non-conformities.  We have worked closely with Millbrook, implementing a new Management System that will enable a full integration with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as both [...]

Water Biscuit supply dries up

It has just been announced that the production of Carr’s Water Biscuits has been halted for a couple of months due to the recent floods in Carlisle during December 2015.  United Biscuits have run advertisements in The Times explaining that they had been unable to source alternative ovens that were suitable for making the biscuits. [...]

We have frequently commented on the high costs to businesses, most commonly banks, of IT glitches; but what is the impact when your business is entirely web-based? Yesterday’s disruption to Twitter, which left some users locked out and others receiving only an intermittent service, provides a fascinating case study.  It also provided some much-needed humour [...]

It was HSBC’s turn in the spotlight this week after experiencing significant disruption to its on-line banking service, affecting both business and personal banking customers.  HSBC has emphasised that the problems were not the result of any sort of external interference, blaming “a complex technical issue within our systems”: it’s not clear if that is meant [...]

UK Food Recalls Double in 2015

The Food Standard Agency’s website lists a total of 56 recalls of food products in the UK last year, up from only 28 in 2014.  As can be seen from the graph below, this sharp increase would appear to be part of a gradual upward trend; and whilst the overall numbers may appear small, each [...]