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Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 2

You always hope for some good stories during BCAW; luckily this year is no exception and Lloyds Bank has obliged with a disruption to their website yesterday.  Details are a little unclear (the story doesn’t appear to have been picked up in the mainstream media), customers started reporting problems with on-line banking services from about 10am and complaints persisted into the afternoon.  However a statement from Lloyds at 2.45pm stated that “We are aware that some of our customers are experiencing problems with accessing the public sites and we are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Online banking is not affected…”
Whatever the precise details of this particular incident, it adds to the growing list of recent IT problems at UK banks; including HSBC (January 2016), Barclays (October 2015), The Bank of England (October 2014), Lloyds Bank (January 2014) and RBS (March 2013 and August 2012).  Sadly, experts predict that this pattern of disruptions is likely to persist, with another major, RBS-style incident considered likely.