A&E Closed After a Fire at Grantham and District Hospital

The A&E Department at Grantham and District Hospital in Lincolnshire is still closed today after a small fire at the hospital yesterday evening. ¬†Nobody was reported to be hurt in the fire but it appears to have had a significant impact on power supplies and telephony. ¬†As a result, ambulances had to be diverted and […]

Interesting Discussion of Risk Displacement on Radio 4

There was an interesting discussion of risk displacement on Radio 4’s Today programme this morning in the context of the forthcoming Euro 2016 Finals. Sir Bob Broadhurst, formerly of the Metropolitan Police, was discussing terrorist threats; and specifically how, as we improve security at the most obvious targets, the terrorists turn their attention to ‘softer’ […]

Business Impact of Japanese Earthquakes Becoming Clearer

The human impact of the earthquakes on Thursday and Saturday in Japan’s Kumamoto Region was immediately obvious with at least 41 people dead, homes destroyed and public services severely disrupted. It is only now though, as we move into the next working week, that the business impact begins to become apparent. Sony, Honda and Toyota […]