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Disruption Continues at Glasgow City Council Following IT Outage

Significant disruption continues at Glasgow City Council, after a faulty air conditioning unit in the council’s data centre set off its fire suppressant system on Tuesday morning, causing damage to multiple servers.  Initially phone services were affected too, but according to a statement on the council’s website yesterday “The council switchboard is now operational again”; however “Emails are still not being received nor sent due to IT issues at Glasgow City Council.”  As well as the email issues noted in the statement, it was also reported yesterday that council staff (including staff in local primary schools) could not log on to their PCs.  

Glasgow City Council refuted claims that business had ground to a halt a result of the incident, with a spokesman stating that “It is important to note that staff at the council who deliver critical services to the public are still able to do so successfully.”  However a variety of issues have been revealed in the numerous discussions on social media about the incident, including repeated enquiries from one individual (presumably a teacher) asking  when teachers will get paid.  Meanwhile another contributor is concerned that she has missed the 14-day deadline to pay a parking fine!