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Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 2

Luckily there don’t appear to have been any major disasters in the UK over the last 24 hours so, for today’s BCAW 2015 blog post, we focus on the ongoing saga of Yodel’s Mother’s Day deliveries.

A number of well known brands such as Marks and Spencer, Interflora and Waitrose used Yodel to deliver Mother’s Day flowers.  The exact number of gifts that did not arrive on time, and the causes of this, are unclear at this stage; but what is very apparent is the difference in approach between Yodel and their retail partners in handling the problem.  Marks and Spencer clearly took responsibility, emailing their customers on Monday to say “It’s not the quality of service which you have a right to expect from M&S.  Something has gone wrong at this time, and for this we sincerely apologise. You will receive your order today if you have not done so already.”  Whilst Yodel have also apologised, saying “A small number of Saturday deliveries encountered delays and we would like to apologise to anyone whose delivery was affected”; they go on to try to shift the blame, stating that “This was due to a combination of issues, including problems that flower suppliers had in getting the flowers to us on time and retailer incorrect labelling issues.”  It may well be that some of the fault did indeed lie with suppliers, but it is difficult to see how this approach will enhance Yodel’s reputation.