Report into System Outage at Bank of England Published

The Bank of England yesterday published the report that it commissioned from Deloitte into the loss of the RTGS system on 20th October last year.  Making any sort of post-incident review public is pretty unusual in itself, but publishing such a warts-and-all account of the incident is truly remarkable.  In doing so,and sharing lessons identified, […]

Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 3

BCAW 2015 continues apace, and those of you who subscribe to our newsletter should have received the latest edition today. You may recall that we blogged last year about the dwindling gap between electricity demand and generating capacity following a major fire at Didcot B power station and other unplanned outages.  Now it would appear […]

Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 2

Luckily there don’t appear to have been any major disasters in the UK over the last 24 hours so, for today’s BCAW 2015 blog post, we focus on the ongoing saga of Yodel’s Mother’s Day deliveries. A number of well known brands such as Marks and Spencer, Interflora and Waitrose used Yodel to deliver Mother’s […]

Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 1

Business Continuity Awareness Week 2015 got off to a dramatic start here in the North West with a massive fire at a waste recycling plant in Salford.  Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service was called to Junction Eco-Park at 4.40pm on Sunday; the eco-park is home to at least two waste management and recycling organisations.  At […]

Hillsborough Commander accepts he "was probably not the best man for the job"

The new Hillsborough inquests have reached a very interesting stage from a point of view of crisis management; as the Police Match Commander, David Duckenfield, gives his evidence.  His admission that, with hindsight, he “was probably not the best man for the job on the day” has received much media attention but will we actually […]