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Large-Scale Command Exercises

The Client

The client is an NHS Trust that operates across a wide geographic area, delivering both community services and residential care.

The Problem

As a result of the complexity of services offered, the number of facilities shared by different user-groups and the difficulties on communicating between services, planning and exercising has been an interesting challenge.

However, given the maturity of their crisis management arrangements, it was decided that the Trust was ready for a command exercise.

Command Post exercise in the NHS

The Solution

Working closely with the Trust, Cambridge Risk Solutions structured a command exercise, based on a scenario of county-wide disruption, with six teams exercising over a period of around three hours.

A mix of real-time injects, using email, calls and simulated media/social media posts were utilised.

Communication and coordination between the crisis management team and the operational areas of the business were effectively tested enabling the Trust to practice their crisis management roles and develop confidence in procedures.

A number of plan improvements were identified from the exercise which will assist with both county-wide and local coordination.

How Can Cambridge Risk Solutions Help?

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