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Healthcare Business Impact Analysis Case Study

The Client

One of Cambridge Risk Solutions’ most interesting projects has been conducting a business impact analysis for a large acute hospital.

The Problem

The hospital needed to update its existing business continuity arrangements as there was an acknowledgement that the existing documentation was not fit-for-purpose

Business continuity within the NHS

The Solution

We gathered data through a mixture of one-to-one meetings with various directors and senior managers and discussion groups with other staff members over a period of four weeks.

Initially respondents suggested that the hospital would have to try to maintain almost all clinical activities but, as the analysis progressed, it became clear that most of these, including A&E admissions, could be suspended if absolutely necessary without a severe long-term impact on patients or the Trust.

This allowed resources to be focused on the most critical activity – the care of seriously ill patients who were already in the hospital and couldn’t be moved.

The analysis also revealed that some key ‘back-office’ functions such as bed management and organising locum staff were more time critical than had been previously appreciated and needed careful consideration in the business continuity plan.

How Can Cambridge Risk Solutions Help?

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