Remembering Pipe Alpha 33 Years On

On 6th July 1988, 167 men died following a devastating fire on the Piper Alpha platform, operated by Occidental Oil in the North Sea.  Only 61 people survived, some of whom leapt over 100 feet from the burning platform into the sea.  As ever, our thoughts are with those survivors and the bereaved families. The […]

Merlin Fined £5m for Alton Towers Crash

The announcement yesterday that Merlin Entertainments had been fined £5m for the crash at Alton Towers last year in which 16 people were injured came as little surprise. What has been startling though is Merlin’s dramatic fall from grace over the last 12 months. In the immediate aftermath of the incident, the operator was being […]

BC Awareness: A recent BCI webinar

To view the webinar click the play icon below and follow the instructions on screen. If you are having any difficulties viewing this webinar please contact us.

Oxfordshire Fires: Business Implications of fire

We have previously discussed the real and present threat that fires present to businesses, and have highlighted some of the steps that businesses should take to protect themselves, but this lesson has been reinforced by the recent fire at the South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Council offices. Having destroyed over 80% of […]

Train to Gain

Effective training is an essential component of any successful Business Continuity programme.  Follow the link to view an informative and thought-provoking 15-minute presentation by Helen Molyneux, “Train to Gain“.

Hillsborough Disaster Revelations – New Insights for Crisis Management?

The new evidence released today about the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989 is truly disturbing, but does it really add to our understanding of the crisis? The manifold failings of South Yorkshire Police were clearly highlighted in Lord Justice Taylor’s original report: “…although there were other causes, the main reason for the disaster was the failure […]

Political Resignations Highlight Importance of Succession Planning

The high-profile resignations this week of both the Shadow Chancellor and the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications serve as a timely reminder of the importance of succession planning in all organisations.  As illustrated by the events this week, people may suddenly become indisposed for a whole range of reasons – not just stepping under the proverbial bus.  What would […]