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In previous years, Business Continuity Awareness Week has usually been enlivened by some real incidents and disruptions, but this year it has been very quiet.  Could it be that the Business Continuity message is getting through, and that organisations are becoming more and more resilient?  Up until yesterday, the biggest story of the week had [...]

Legoland in Windsor was closed today due to an electrical fault.  Whilst this was clearly not the fault of the park, there has been criticism of Legoland’s failure to communicate effectively with customers: visitors are quoted on the BBC website saying that they sat in a queue of traffic for an hour before being told [...]

There has been extensive coverage this week of the ongoing power cuts at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; including an incident in March when a patient was under general anaesthetic when the power failed and the operation had to be finished by torchlight.  Intriguingly, in the course of commending the staff involved for completing the operation in [...]

As I’ m sure you’re aware, this is the annual ‘Business Continuity Awareness Week’.  As in previous years, the Business Continuity Institute have laid on a wide range of on-line events to promote Business Continuity (details on the BCI website).  Meanwhile in Wales yesterday, there was real-life drama as a power surge halted rail traffic [...]

We seem to have been on the receiving end of rather a lot of disruption in the last few weeks: in September we lost phone service for 72 hours and then last week we had problems with both power and internet service.  It has certainly been a good opportunity to test our Business Continuity plans! Perhaps the most interesting disruption [...]

On the morning of Tuesday 6th of April, the Royal Free Hospital suffered a power cut. Ambulances had to be diverted from A&E, elective surgery was cancelled and non-urgent outpatient appointments postponed. Staff also lost access to IT systems. Power was restored that afternoon and A&E was receiving ambulances again by 3.30. Surprisingly, it is [...]

Peterborough District Hospital suffered a fault with its high-voltage power supply overnight 1st/2nd November. Initially the disruption was very limited with only 7 operations having to be cancelled on the 2nd. The precise details of what then happened are not clear but by the 3rd of November the situation had clearly deteriorated with ambulances being [...]

This morning (23 July) power was finally restored for the last of the 94,000 properties that have been without power since lunchtime on 20 July. Vandalism had caused the problems for large parts of the London Borough of Bexley and a small part of Bromley Borough, resulting in total loss of power, and then later [...]