Managing Risk in Extreme Environments, by Duncan Martin – Not a Book Review

“Managing Risk in Extreme Environments: Front-Line Business Lessons for Corporates and Financial Institutions” has been on the bookshelves in our office since it was published in 2008 but, for some reason, I have only just got around to looking through it.  Given that The book is 12 years old, and I have not read it […]

Coronavirus Updates – BBC Catching up with Cambridge Risk!

I was delighted to see an article on the BBC website today repeating much of what we said in a blog post back in January!  When we blogged the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus globally was doubling roughly every two days; but now the BBC reports that confirmed cases in the UK are only […]

Coronavirus – Uncertainty Still Rules

It’s exactly six weeks since we first blogged about the spread of coronavirus – at that point we warned that the next few weeks were likely to be characterised by considerable uncertainty.  Much has happened since then, just in the last few days we have seen: The formal declaration of a pandemic; A lock-down in […]

Coronavirus Reaches the UK

Hot on the heels of the World Health Organisation’s declaration of a Global Health Emergency, today marked another watershed with the announcement of two confirmed case of Coronavirus in the UK.  Obviously it is too early to know how the disease may spread within the UK but a look at the Global figures from the […]

Coronavirus – What can we Learn from the 2009 Swine 'Flu Pandemic

Clearly the news from China over the last few days of the emergence and spread of Coronavirus has been very worrying.  The news today that patients in Scotland are being tested for Coronavirus make the threat all the more stark.  Reliable data on infection rates, and severity of the disease is impossible to come by […]

Swine Flu – New UK Planning Assumptions

On the 16th of July, the Department of Health issued new planning assumptions for swine ‘flu, based on analysis and modelling of the most up to date data from the UK and abroad. The news is generally positive: in particular it is now estimated that the fatality rate will be somewhere in the region of […]

WHO Declares Swine Flu Pandemic

The WHO have decided that Swine Flu has reached such levels as to be classified as a global flu pandemic. This is due to the rapid increase in cases in the UK, Australia, Japan and Chile. There are now some 30,000 cases worldwide, and there have been 141 deaths, none of which have been in […]

Swine 'Flu Update

The World Health Organisation (WHO) have upped the alert state to Level 5, suggesting that a Pandemic is imminent, whilst swine ‘flu is now confirmed to have reached 12 countries in 3 different continents. The number of confirmed cases in Mexico has risen to around 300. 12 people are known to have died from the […]

Mexican Swine Flu

An outbreak of swine flu virus has killed 81 in Mexico, with further cases being found in the United States. New Zealand, France and Israel has also reported suspected cases. The government in Mexico has imposed restrictions, closing public buildings, including schools, and cancelling public events. Some 70% of bars and restaurants in Mexico City […]