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Building on the Basics

Based on personal experience, this article highlights some of the primary steps in planning and conducting an incident management desk-top exercise.  This has also been been published in the Q1 2014 edition of Continuity.

Effective Crisis Management requires a significant amount of preparation. This article suggests some reasons why organisations tend not to do this.

The membership of your Crisis Management Team is crucial: this article gives some hints on getting the composition right.

Exercise Mountain Lion

Practise your Crisis Management skills with this simple puzzle: we are happy to provide feedback if you send us your solutions at

Today marks the start of Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW) 2016, the annual event aimed at raising awareness of the importance of business continuity globally.  As in previous years, we shall be blogging regularly throughout the week. Unusually for me, I start of this blog with a quote from ISO 22313: “Exercises should be realistic, [...]