Disruption to Telephone Service in Huntingdon

Numerous businesses here in Huntingdon had a reminder of the importance of Business Continuity yesterday when their ISDN phone service was unavailable for nearly 12 hours.  A fault at a BT exchange disrupted nearly 2000 ISDN lines in the town between 7.30 am to 6.30pm leaving many businesses with no incoming or outgoing call capability.
It is important to ensure that dependencies on telecommunications are fully captured in your Business Impact Analysis.  Once you know how critical various voice and data services are (eg outgoing calls, incoming faxes) you can start contingency planning.  There are numerous products and services available to improve the resilience of your telecoms systems but many of the most cost-effective solutions involve nothing more complex than a few spare mobile handsets and some common sense.
The article “Hanging on the Telephone”, available in the Downloads section of the website, contains more details on planning your emergency telecommunications requirements.