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Coop in Second Chocolate Recall in Six Weeks

The Coop began recalling 3000 chocolate Easter bunnies earlier this week, after a battery was found in one.  This in itself is not remarkable, we have blogged before about the rising number of food product recalls; but what makes this story remarkable is that only six weeks ago the Coop had to recall tens of thousands of chocolate Santas for the same reason.  Product tampering, as opposed to contamination during the manufacturing process, is suspected in both cases.  Beyond that, details are scarce, although it was stated after the December incident that there had been no blackmail or ransom demand.  Maybe all we can say at this stage is that lightning really can strike twice.

On a positive note, the Coop appears to have implemented both recalls effectively, and in a timely fashion; although it is quite difficult to find the details of the recall on the Coop website.