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Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 3

BCAW 2015 continues apace, and those of you who subscribe to our newsletter should have received the latest edition today.

You may recall that we blogged last year about the dwindling gap between electricity demand and generating capacity following a major fire at Didcot B power station and other unplanned outages.  Now it would appear there is a new threat to our energy supplies – a solar eclipse!

It is estimated that the solar eclipse that will take place on Friday morning will reduce electricity generation from solar panels across the UK by about 850MW: even more than the loss of Didcot B (although hopefully for a shorter period of time).  It is hoped that this loss will be offset by the reduction in demand as people stop work to observe the eclipse so it will probably not be a problem in the UK; but the situation is potentially more serious in Germany, which has solar generating capacity equivalent to 30 or 40 gas-fired power stations.

More generally, this is another useful reminder that, with every new opportunity come new risks.