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Scottish Independence and the effect on Corporate Interests

David Cameron said this week, “independence won’t be a trial separation.
It will be a painful divorce.”

One of the most momentous political decisions in UK’s recent history, The Scottish Referendum has implications for all UK nations. Many Scottish businesses are quietly considering the implications of the vote.

Scottish and English Flags

On the 18th September, Scottish voters will be asked if they want their nation to become independent from the rest of the UK.

How does Scottish Independence affect Commercial Future?

Caledonian Trust Plc, an Edinburgh-based property investment holding and development business, has gone on record as stating that the economic prospects for an independent Scotland are ‘not favourable.’ This is, however, merely an opinion. Many voters are split over the key issues. This is reflected in the current predicted voting outcome.

Potentially, the Scottish referendum could have a significant impact on business continuity. Months of uncertainty has driven divided opinions. For many businesses, operational planning is a concern. Objectives and timescales identified have been affected by the present uncertain political climate.

The Scottish Referendum will cause a degree of disruption to many businesses. The holistic management process that business continuity can provide is essential to reassure the interests of stakeholders and clients. A degree of organisational resilience is required. When employed, this will safeguard the reputation of a brand – allowing that brand to weather stormy tides.

man in doubt over Scottish Referendum

The full impact the outcome of the Scottish Referendum will have on commercial enterprises in the UK is yet to be seen. The extent of crisis management that may need to be employed is, similarly yet to be deduced.

Serious issues, ones that may have a negative effect on the brand, cannot be overlooked. From changes to the physical infrastructure to IT implications, enterprises need to be aware of the importance of planning for every the future eventuality.

A commercial crisis can arise from many different positions. From widespread organisation corruption to violent attacks or human error and widespread demonstrations, the potential for disruption is ubiquitous. Organisational precautions should be taken. This should reflect both short and long term strategies.


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