Managing social media disasters

We blogged recently about the role of social media in crisis management; continuing to engage with your social audience is vital for customer loyalty. What happens though when your disaster originates on your social media account? Plenty of big name businesses and political representatives have been stung by the immediacy and freedom of social media. […]

Social media and crisis management

Social media is not just a fad that businesses can have fun dabbling with, although it may seem that way at times. It has indeed created a channel of communication that allows businesses and corporations to show their less serious side, in fact, it demands it. However, we should be wary of underestimating its power. […]

Are you prepared for industrial action?

The South African miner’s strike has come to an end, concluding the country’s longest ever industrial strike. The miner’s union went on strike in January and through 5 months of marches, protests and talks finally secured a wage increase. Halting work at the platinum mines caused the South African economy to contract by 0.6% and […]