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An IT failure left Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon unable to receive incoming calls for several hours yesterday afternoon and evening.  In some ways the hospital appears to have handled the disruption very well, with clear information for patients quickly available on the website; and the trust states that all scheduled activity took place as planned [...]

We are delighted to announce that Cambridge Risk Solutions and MRC Unit The Gambia received the ‘Business Continuity Strategy Through Partnership’ award at last night’s CIR Business Continuity Awards held in London.  The award is in recognition of the significant progress that has been made over the last 12 months to safeguard the vital clinical research [...]

The inaugural ‘Crisis Management Conference’ took place in London on Wednesday.  First and foremost, I should like to congratulate Steelhenge on taking the initiative to organise such an event – the demand for this sort of forum was clear from the attendance on the day.  Whilst the various presenters touched on many different issues in [...]

As the anniversary of the publication of ISO 22301 approaches, it’s interesting to look at which types of organisations have achieved certification; although it’s still early days, a few themes are already emerging.  Firstly, in common with BS 25999, telecoms and financial services firms appear to be in the vanguard with BankInter, Arab Financial Services, [...]

The recent announcement that the Care Quality Commission will receive new powers to examine the financial stability of care home providers is, of course, welcome; but why has this taken so long?  Indeed one wonders if, had it not been for the collapse of Southern Cross, this move would have taken place at all?  It [...]

American Airlines had to ground all of its US flights yesterday afternoon because of a problem with its reservations system.  The IT problem was resolved within a few hours but disruption persisted throughout the rest of the day.  American Airlines were quick to offer refunds to affected passengers and, so far, there does not seem [...]

Cambridge Risk Solutions and The Medical Research Council have been short-listed for the prestigious CIR Magazine Business Continuity Awards.  They have been short-listed in the “Business Continuity strategy through partnership” category, for their work together in improving the resilience of the MRC’s research unit in The Gambia.  The winners will be announced on the 30th [...]

I thought it was time for another fun example of incident management and our adventure on the Nene Valley Railway (NVR) yesterday fits the bill perfectly.  Setting off from Wansford we happily chugged West but, turning around at Yarwell Junction, the steam engine suffered a mechanical fault.  This would not normally be a major problem [...]

In previous years, Business Continuity Awareness Week has usually been enlivened by some real incidents and disruptions, but this year it has been very quiet.  Could it be that the Business Continuity message is getting through, and that organisations are becoming more and more resilient?  Up until yesterday, the biggest story of the week had [...]

One of the hot topics in this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week is supply chain continuity and, given the ongoing  problems with contamination of processed meat products, product recalls have been very much centre stage.  However, whilst the food industry is under the spotlight, an ITV investigation last week highlighted an equally worrying situation in [...]