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Fire in Llandow – still no surprise

Workers arriving at the Vale Business Park, Llandow were greeted this morning by a spectacular blaze in one of the industrial units.  It is reported that the fire, for the second time this month, is at the SiteServ facility in the industrial complex.

For both this and the previous Llandow fire, a number of businesses were unable to access their premises for a period of time.  Even Cardiff Airport has been warned of the potential hazards for both fires.  On this occasion, a local business owner has detailed his inability to access his own offices, explaining that all his computers were in the office, and the inability to work until access has been regained.   Thus, this example serves to highlight the need to understand the wider risks to your business, including understanding your neighbours’ operations and whether they could lead to the denial of access to your premises.  More importantly, this highlights the need to ensure effective Business Continuity planing to ensure that your business is able to function despite such as incident.

As we have reported previously in this blog, there has been a spate of significant fires at recycling plants, despite the lack of recognition of the risk in Community Risk Registers.  Indeed, it is interesting to note that fire is not mentioned at all in the South Wales Community Risk Register.  Recycling on very large scales is still a relatively new industry, with new technology evolving at a rapid rate.  It is therefore critical for the risks from both the stored waste and the processing equipment to be continually reassessed and understood.