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Business Continuity Awareness Week – Day 2

One of the hot topics in this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week is supply chain continuity and, given the ongoing  problems with contamination of processed meat products, product recalls have been very much centre stage.  However, whilst the food industry is under the spotlight, an ITV investigation last week highlighted an equally worrying situation in the electrical goods sector.

The specific focus of the ITV investigation was a model of Bosch dishwasher that has caused a number of fires, 14 of which have been deemed “serious”.  Although a product recall was issued nearly 2 years ago, only 25% of affected models have been traced, despite significant efforts by the manufacturer.   This means that there could still be nearly half a million faulty appliances in use in people’s homes.

However, the most worrying part of the story is that this is actually quite a successful recall for this sector, with the average success rate being around 20%.  This story therefore serves to vividly highlight a general problem caused by the lack of a robust process for implementing product recalls outside of highly-regulated sectors such as food, drugs and vehicles.