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Cambridge Risk Solutions and The Medical Research Council have been short-listed for the prestigious CIR Magazine Business Continuity Awards.  They have been short-listed in the “Business Continuity strategy through partnership” category, for their work together in improving the resilience of the MRC’s research unit in The Gambia.  The winners will be announced on the 30th [...]

I thought it was time for another fun example of incident management and our adventure on the Nene Valley Railway (NVR) yesterday fits the bill perfectly.  Setting off from Wansford we happily chugged West but, turning around at Yarwell Junction, the steam engine suffered a mechanical fault.  This would not normally be a major problem [...]

In previous years, Business Continuity Awareness Week has usually been enlivened by some real incidents and disruptions, but this year it has been very quiet.  Could it be that the Business Continuity message is getting through, and that organisations are becoming more and more resilient?  Up until yesterday, the biggest story of the week had [...]

One of the hot topics in this year’s Business Continuity Awareness Week is supply chain continuity and, given the ongoing  problems with contamination of processed meat products, product recalls have been very much centre stage.  However, whilst the food industry is under the spotlight, an ITV investigation last week highlighted an equally worrying situation in [...]

The results of this year’s Chartered Management Institute survey of Business Continuity were released today to coincide with the start of Business Continuity Awareness Week.  There is little change from previous years in many of the headline results of the survey, for instance: There was only a very modest increase (from 61% to 63%) in [...]

Further Disruption at RBS

Customers of RBS (including NatWest and Ulster Bank) face further disruption overnight with problems reported over on-line and phone banking, cash withdrawals and debit card payments.  The problems appear to have been resolved within a few hours; and RBS have communicated very effectively, apologising for the inconvenience to customers and making clear that they will consider [...]