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RBS announced today that it is setting aside £125m to compensate customers impacted by the recent problems with IT systems.  Whilst this seems like a huge figure, it probably only represents a small fraction of the true cost.  Research into numerous IT outages estimated that the average total cost (including loss of reputation) was around [...]

It was announced last week that the Spanish bank Bankinter has become the first organisation in the world to achieve certification to ISO 22301, only two months after the standard was published.  This builds on the bank’s success in gaining BS 25999 in August 2008. It is anticipated that many other organisations currently certified to [...]

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reaction to the start of London 2012, the pictures of empty seats at a number of venues have continued to attract criticism.  It seems particularly surprising that LOCOG should have struggled with this issue after similar problems at previous games.  Far from being some kind of ‘black swan’ event, this was [...]

Unsurprisingly, the prolonged loss of service to hundreds of thousands of O2 customers this week has attracted widespread media coverage.  However, from the point of view of a Business Continuity professional, there are two interesting aspects to this story that have not been (widely) reported: This is only the most recent disruption that O2 have [...]

NatWest customers are today facing their third day of disruption caused by IT problems at the bank.  Some news sites are reporting that the underlying problem has now been fixed, but customers are still being warned to expect delays to the processing of payments: it may be next week before the processing backlog has been [...]

It was announced last night that Manchester Airport had lost its fuel supply from the Essar refinery and passengers were advised to check with their airlines in case of delays and cancellations.  The fuel supply has now been restored, and it appears that no major disruption occurred, but the incident is another highly visible reminder of [...]

Christopher McGuire was sentenced this week for the deliberate contamination of Nurofen Plus which led to a major product recall last August.  In the course of sentencing him, the Judge estimated that the total costs to Reckitt Benckiser, including “…recalling the product, destroying suspect stock, investigating the problem which you caused, returning new products to the [...]

The news last week that JP Morgan had made trading losses of $2 billion in just six weeks has been greeted by the usual exclamations of surprise – how could this possibly occur in such a well regarded institution?  Clearly this particular incident cannot be attributed to a single ‘Rogue Trader’ but already much of [...]

Legoland in Windsor was closed today due to an electrical fault.  Whilst this was clearly not the fault of the park, there has been criticism of Legoland’s failure to communicate effectively with customers: visitors are quoted on the BBC website saying that they sat in a queue of traffic for an hour before being told [...]

There has been extensive coverage this week of the ongoing power cuts at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; including an incident in March when a patient was under general anaesthetic when the power failed and the operation had to be finished by torchlight.  Intriguingly, in the course of commending the staff involved for completing the operation in [...]