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Legoland Closed due to Power Failure

Legoland in Windsor was closed today due to an electrical fault.  Whilst this was clearly not the fault of the park, there has been criticism of Legoland’s failure to communicate effectively with customers: visitors are quoted on the BBC website saying that they sat in a queue of traffic for an hour before being told that the park was shut.  It is not clear at this stage if the failure to communicate was because the park’s management thought the disruption was temporary, and therefore delayed putting a message out; or if they just have no crisis communications plan.  Either way, there has been a significant cost to the business in terms of negative publicity.

It is particularly unfortunate that this should happen on a bank holiday weekend when large numbers of visitors would be expected.  It does serve as a reminder though of the importance of taking into account the ups and downs of the business cycle when conducting a Business Impact Analysis.