Gender Equality in the Board Room – Lessons from Crisis Management

There has been much discussion recently about the lack of female directors on the boards of large companies.  Whilst corporate boards do not usually operate under the same time pressure as a Crisis Management Team (CMT), they do share a number of things in common, specifically: they deal with complex issues where there is no […]

Business Continuity For Dummies

For many years now there has been an obvious need for a simple, concise guide to Business Continuity Management for non-experts.  Having read and enjoyed a number of excellent books in the “For Dummies” series; I was therefore very optimistic when I heard that “Business Continuity For Dummies” was due to be published.  However, having […]

Honda and Toyota in New Product Recalls

The last week has seen announcements of major product recalls by both Honda and Toyota.  In the case of Honda, there have been a small number of cases of the window switch in the driver’s door of their CR-V model overheating with the potential to catch fire.  This is clearly a safety issue and it […]