Mitsubishi Latest Car Maker in Product Recall

Following recent product recalls at Toyota and Honda, Mitsubishi is the latest Japanese car maker to announce a major recall.  Shares in Mitsubishi fell 5.5% as they announced plans to recall 1.2 million cars in order to fix a faulty oil seal.  This is part of a serious and long-running problem, as the  company has […]

Train to Gain

Effective training is an essential component of any successful Business Continuity programme.  Follow the link to view an informative and thought-provoking 15-minute presentation by Helen Molyneux, “Train to Gain“.

Yet Another Toyota Recall!

Only weeks after a recall of 7 million cars worldwide, Toyota has announced a recall of another 2.7 million cars due to a separate problem with the steering system.  Once again, Toyota have stressed that “…no accidents due to this fault had been reported so far.”

Gender Equality in the Board Room – Lessons from Crisis Management

There has been much discussion recently about the lack of female directors on the boards of large companies.  Whilst corporate boards do not usually operate under the same time pressure as a Crisis Management Team (CMT), they do share a number of things in common, specifically: they deal with complex issues where there is no […]

Business Continuity For Dummies

For many years now there has been an obvious need for a simple, concise guide to Business Continuity Management for non-experts.  Having read and enjoyed a number of excellent books in the “For Dummies” series; I was therefore very optimistic when I heard that “Business Continuity For Dummies” was due to be published.  However, having […]

Honda and Toyota in New Product Recalls

The last week has seen announcements of major product recalls by both Honda and Toyota.  In the case of Honda, there have been a small number of cases of the window switch in the driver’s door of their CR-V model overheating with the potential to catch fire.  This is clearly a safety issue and it […]

The Rising Cost of Data Breaches

The cost of data breaches is rising: the Information Commissioner’s Office issued £1.8 million in fines during the 12 months to June this year, compared to just £431,000 in 2010-11.  Since then the big fines have continued, including: £250 000  to Scottish Borders Council, whose former employees’ records were found in a recycling bin; £175 000 to […]

Blackberry Outage Costs £150 Million

Shares in the maker/operator of Blackberry, RIM, fell by 50c on Friday following the loss of email service for many users in Europe and Africa.  This equates to a total loss of value of approximately $240m (or £150m).  Whilst the outage only lasted a few hours, and was much less widespread than the similar incident […]

Sharp Increase in Surgery Cancellations at Addenbrooke's Hospital

Recently published figures show that Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge cancelled over 320 operations (or surgical procedures) on or after the day of admission over the period April to July; up from only 115 for the same period last year.  There has historically been a tendency to see continuity issues in healthcare as being idiosyncratic and […]

Hillsborough Disaster Revelations – New Insights for Crisis Management?

The new evidence released today about the Hillsborough Disaster in 1989 is truly disturbing, but does it really add to our understanding of the crisis? The manifold failings of South Yorkshire Police were clearly highlighted in Lord Justice Taylor’s original report: “…although there were other causes, the main reason for the disaster was the failure […]