Cycling Helmets – Do They Save Lives

Yesterday, BBC Look East featured an item about a local triathelete, Melanie Ryding, who recently had a serious cycling accident whilst training.  Melanie spoke about how wearing a crash helmet had prevented her from suffering serious, even fatal, head injuries and urged all cyclists to learn from her experience and wear protection.  On the face […]

Met Police Resignations Illustrate Importance of Succession Planning

Whilst the recent dramatic resignations of Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates could cause much disruption, they will probably not lead to the collapse of the Metropolitan Police.  For a smaller organisation though, the loss of even one critical member of staff could pose a significant threat to the business. As events at Scotland Yard […]

Beko Fridge Freezer Recall

A  major product recall is under way after London Fire Brigade confirmed that a Beko fridge freezer was the cause of a fire in a tower block in Bermondsey last week.  LFB went on to explain that they believe that this model of fridge freezer has caused 20 fires in London alone over the last […]