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The ongoing saga of allegations of corruption at FIFA took an interesting new twist today with four of the federation’s major sponsors making separate public statements about their concerns over the course of the day. Whilst FIFA have been very effective in managing their internal stakeholders (only 2 national associations have so far broken ranks) and communicating with [...]

Cambridge Risk Solutions will be offering delegates at a forthcoming BSI Management Systems ‘Regional Business Forum’ the opportunity to learn about Business Continuity strategy with a fun board game.  Working in a team, you decide how to allocate your budget in the best way to provide suitable protection for your business, and then find out if [...]

The recent eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland provides an opportunity to reflect on what has been learnt from last year’s problems with volcanic ash. It would appear so far that the various agencies involved – eg in meteorology and air traffic control – are much better prepared than last year and are applying [...]

Numerous businesses here in Huntingdon had a reminder of the importance of Business Continuity yesterday when their ISDN phone service was unavailable for nearly 12 hours.  A fault at a BT exchange disrupted nearly 2000 ISDN lines in the town between 7.30 am to 6.30pm leaving many businesses with no incoming or outgoing call capability. It is important to [...]