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As is customary during Business Continuity Awareness Week, the Chartered Management Institute has published its annual survey of Business Continuity Management.  Findings from this year’s survey include: The proportion of organisations claiming to have a BCM plan is up to 58% (having been stuck at around 50% for the last 10 years); 84% of respondents [...]

As I’ m sure you’re aware, this is the annual ‘Business Continuity Awareness Week’.  As in previous years, the Business Continuity Institute have laid on a wide range of on-line events to promote Business Continuity (details on the BCI website).  Meanwhile in Wales yesterday, there was real-life drama as a power surge halted rail traffic [...]

Friday’s earthquake off the coast of Japan is, first and foremost, a human tragedy.  It is a poignant reminder of how fortunate we are here in the UK where natural disasters are so rare.  However, two important points for Business Continuity, even as practised in the benign environment of Western Europe, have emerged already from this tragedy. Firstly, it is reported that the [...]

There was a very interesting piece on BBC Radio Four’s Today programme on the 3rd of March where the Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser was responding to a report from the Commons Science Select Committee calling for more scientific input to the National Risk Register.  Acknowledging that the UK response to the volcanic ash cloud last year could have [...]

Automated trading was suspended on the London Stock Exchange for the whole of Friday morning because of technical problems.  It is not clear if the problem was connected to the roll-out of technology to enable faster trading earlier in February but the exchange’s ‘Turquoise’ trading platform, which was already using this new technology, crashed in November last year.  The [...]