Leak in BP Pipeline and Toyota Product Recall: A Sense of Deja Vu

The last week has caused a strange sense of deja vu with the announcement of another Toyota product recall just as news emerged of a leak in a BP pipeline in Dorset (the leak actually occurred in November last year).  Whilst, on the face of it, the recurrence of such problems at these particular companies may seem hard to believe; the […]

Political Resignations Highlight Importance of Succession Planning

The high-profile resignations this week of both the Shadow Chancellor and the Prime Minister’s Director of Communications serve as a timely reminder of the importance of succession planning in all organisations.  As illustrated by the events this week, people may suddenly become indisposed for a whole range of reasons – not just stepping under the proverbial bus.  What would […]

2010 – Another Year of Surprises

2010 has undoubtedly been another year of surprises.  The prize for the biggest surprise probably goes to the disruption caused to European aviation by the volcanic ash cloud back in April; but you would probably also have got pretty good odds if you had bet on BP’s share price halving or, indeed, on 3 separate spells of severe winter weather […]