Intel Share Price Hit by Floods in Thailand

The news earlier this week that Intel sales this quarter will fall short of estimates provides a fascinating perspective on supply chain continuity.  Intel’s sales have not been hit by disruptions experienced directly by either a supplier or a customer; but a global shortage of hard disk drives, caused by damage to factories in Thailand, […]

Public Sector Pension Strike and Supply Chain Continuity

The public sector pensions strike planned for Wednesday 30th November will undoubtedly highlight many Business Continuity issues for organisations across the UK.  In particular, businesses may experience significant staff absences due to school closures; exacerbated in some areas by localised suspension of public transport.  One of the biggest impacts though is the predicted severe disruption […]

ISO 22301 Moves a Step Closer to Publication

The new international Business Continuity standard, ISO 22301, will move a step nearer to publication next month when the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) is released.  The FDIS will then be circulated to all ISO member bodies who will vote whether or not to approve it in early 2012.  If it receives the required two […]

St Paul's Cathedral – A Case Study in Crisis Management

In today’s Telegraph the Rev George Pitcher provides a very critical analysis on how the Chapter of St Paul’s has (mis)handled the current problems caused by the anti-capitalist protest outside the Cathedral.  Whilst his perspective is very interesting I strongly disagree with his central assertion that the mistakes that have occurred are “Rooted in a […]

Floods in Thailand Cause More Supply Chain Disruption

As well as resulting in tragic loss of life and causing misery to thousands of other people caught up in them, the ongoing floods in Thailand are also impacting on many businesses.  Honda, Toyota, Nissan and Sony are amongst those affected, and whilst the impacts so far are not believed to be serious, if it […]

Blackberry Service Disruptions Continue for Third Day

Millions of Blackberry users across Europe and the Middle East were left without email, web browsing and messaging services following a disruption to the network infrastructure on Monday morning.  The makers of Blackberry, RIM, announced on Tuesday that all services were operating normally again, and apologised for the inconvenience, but problems have persisted for many […]

PCT Loses CD with Personal Data on 1.6 Million People

The Information Commissioner published a report last week into an incident that occurred in March this year, when a CD containing personal data on 1.6 million people was lost during an office move at Eastern and Coastal Kent Primary Care Trust (PCT).  Clearly people will be concerned that data losses such as this are still occurring […]

Microsoft Outage – Another Blow to Cloud Computing

In the early hours of Friday morning, millions of users were unable to access Microsoft on-line services because of  a major service failure.  Perhaps the most serious issue was the loss of Office 365 – Microsoft’s cloud-based applications suite.  Following the previous disruptions at Amazon and Google, the incident is causing people to question whether […]

Nurofen Plus Recall – Good Practice in Incident Management

Following the warning issued on 26 August from The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) advising consumers to check packs of Nurofen Plus for a prescription drug, Seroquel XL; the makers of Nurofen Plus, Reckitt Benckiser moved quickly to order a complete recall of the product.  Whilst this will obviously incur significant immediate costs for […]

UCAS Track Website Suspended on First Day of Clearing

On Thursday morning UCAS – the authority in charge of the clearing process for university admissions – was forced to temporarily take down the website on which students can track their university offers, after it was unable to handle the volume of people trying to log on.  The service was restored that afternoon and UCAS […]