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WikiLeaks Battle Continues

It appears that supporters of WikiLeaks are fighting back against companies that have withdrawn their support from the embattled website (see previous post) with a series of coordinated denial-of-service attacks.  Visa and Mastercard appear to have been the main targets and some reports have suggested that the attacks have been successful in temporarily disrupting some Mastercard services.

This latest round in the WikiLeaks battle highlights three important issues for Business Continuity.  Firstly, any organisation that relies on its website to conduct business needs to be aware of the risk of denial-of-service attacks and have contingency plans in place.  Secondly (and bearing in mind also the disruption to Barclays electronic payment systems in October) it highlights the need for retailers to have alternative (eg paper) payment systems in place.  Finally, it has once again demonstrated the crucial role that Twitter and other social media play in an incident.