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Telephone Problems at Peterborough City Hospital

Only weeks after opening, the new £300m Peterborough City Hospital is back in the news because of ongoing problems with the telephone system.  It appears that for over a week now, a significant number of calls to the main switchboard have been left unanswered, or even lost completely, resulting in much frustration for patients and their families.

Whilst such extended disruptions are unusual, problems with telephony remain a significant Business Continuity issue with 20% of UK organisations reporting some form of outage during 2009 (source: Chartered Management Institute Annual BC Survey 2010).  The good news is that there are a plethora of solutions available to make your telephony more resilient.  These range from simple common sense (such as ensuring that not all mobile phones are on the same network) to very sophisticated technology that will automatically reroute direct-dial extensions to pre-planned alternative numbers in the event of a loss of service.  With so many solutions to choose from the real question is how much do you want to spend.

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