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Mill Road, Cambridge to Close for 6 Weeks

It has just been announced that a 400-metre section of Mill Road Cambridge is to close on Monday 5th July for 6 weeks in order to allow essential repairs to sewers. Local businesses are, understandably, very concerned about the impact on trade. Whilst a road being closed for 6 weeks is rather exceptional, it is a timely reminder of the importance of planning for ‘Denial of Access’ disruptions.

The most recent Chartered Management Institute Business Continuity survey revealed that 22% of respondents had experienced a ‘Denial of Access’ disruption in 2009. The possible causes are diverse and include burst gas and water mains; hazardous material releases; fires and suspected terrorist incidents. Key points to consider in planning for this type of incident include:

  • Communication – how will you communicate with staff, customers and suppliers;
  • Homeworking – how can you enable staff to work effectively from home or another location; and
  • How can you continue to deliver services to your customers?

Follow the links for more information on assessing impacts and recovery planning.